Now that the Water tower is no longer used its time for it to be demolished to make way for the Mad Hatters Bar Extension

9th March 2005 - by the beginning of May we hope to of finished ! Will this all go to plan

The base going in

The lorry arrives mid morning Saturday 2nd April, 2005. All on target so far !

The building was delivered on Monday 4th April 2005 and placed in the old vineyard

Work commenced on Tuesday 5th - and what a difference a day can make! (as the photos show)

What a great days work - what will tomorrow bring ! You will have to log onto the website to see !!!!

Well due to unforseen circumstances work didnt really get going again until monday 11th April, but work soon moved on

however theres still a lot of bits to fit

This week saw the start of the roof going on

The weather wasnt too bad and work got along well

The building as of 4.00pm on Friday 15th April 2005

The sun was shining the skys were bright & work commenced early on Monday 18th

Well its now the morning of the 29th April, we are running a bit behind (approx 1 week) but the building & area is looking great.

The above pictures were taken at the beginning of the week

As you can see here the area between the Kitchen & the shop/reception is now ready for tarmacing

The outside area being changed - at the moment its MUD MUD GLORIOUS MUD !!!

Getting ready for the Grand Opening - once again all the painting starts

Getting ready for the Grand Opening - once again all the painting starts

The first meals were served on Friday 27th May 2005

Although there are still a few minor cosmetic things to do the New extension is ready for the Bank Holiday !

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