Moving of the Electric Meter & Main supply

The electric meter & supply were housed in the base of the old Water Tower to enable us to build the extension to the Mad Hatters Club Bar this old tower had to go The water system had already been replaced by a new system in the woodland & now was the time to move the electric's - much to our Electricians dismay ! irst we built an extension at the back of the new Shop to house the equipment

SWEB had to move meters & make a main joint - unfortunately this meant the demise of our Strawberry Patch

It was decided that we would replace the old Fuse board with a much larger one to allow for growth

But by doing this work it has meant that the old water tower can now go !!!

9th March 2005

At last its time to knock down the old Water Tower

It looks like its not going to take too much knocking down

These 2 demolition men seem to be enjoying themselves!

10th March 2005

The moment has arrived - the old tanks have to go!

The Landrover & Ken are ready, 1, 2, 3 & heave ho !!! It comes down without too much effect!

Now time for the new Water System for the park

Ever wondered where the water comes from whilst staying on a Park? Our old system was finding it hard to cope with the ever increasing demand of our expanding clientel it was decided to put in an upto date system that would allow for growth. To do this it was necessary to build a new Water store which would house not only the new pumps, heater & water tank. These pictures show how the tank was taken down into the woodland.

The new water system now holds 4 times the amount of the old system. A great relief to us all over bank holidays

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